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What is Math Bingo?

Math Bingo

An educational and fun Bingo game? Yes, you got it! Math Bingo is a fun way to teach math facts or just review those previously taught.

For example, have children fill out regular Bingo cards that have BINGO on top of the card. Children can fill out any numbers from one through ten under the letter "B." They will fill out any numbers 11 through 20 in column "I", 21 through 30 in column "N," 31 through 40 under "G" and 41 through 50 under column "O". These can obviously be adjusted depending on the age; you may not want to go up to 50 if the children are very young.

The caller will have problems that relate to all of the numbers one through 50, either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, depending on the age level. The caller will pull out a problem, such as 50 minus 40, which would equal ten. If a child has the number ten on his Bingo card, he would mark it off.

Math Bingo can be played at home, at school or anywhere someone wants to have fun and learn!

What is Bridal Shower Bingo?

Bridal Shower Bingo

Brides-to-be can count on a fun shower, especially if Bridal Shower Bingo is played.
In this variation of Bingo, the shower host or hostesses will pass out pre-printed Bingo cards to guests with words that relate to getting married. The host(s) will also have a master list of all the words on every card that he or she has cut out and put in a container.

During the game, the caller will pull the words from the container and people playing will mark their cards if the word is on their card. The person who completes the assigned sequence (up and down, diagonally, etc) is the winner and must call out, "Bridal Shower Bingo".

How Do You Play Football Bingo?

Football Bingo

Most men may wonder why in the world should someone interrupt a great game of football by playing Bingo during it? However, this game of football can be fun and competitive for everyone involved!

Pass out to your guests a pre-marked Bingo card with football terms on them. Terms must be specific to the teams playing that specific game that is being watched. Things such as: Vikings 1st Down, Vikings Interception or Bears Fumble. Each card should be individualized with a few different terms. Throughout each quarter, people will mark off items as they happen in the football game. This gives Bingo players a chance to win four different times, as the game starts fresh each quarter!

What is Travel Bingo?

Travel Bingo

Going on a trip? Not sure you want your kids to watch DVD after DVD during the long car ride? Or perhaps, you are just looking for a fun way for the adults in the car to kill time? If so, why not try Travel Bingo!

There are several sites online that offer free, printable Bingo cards for travel. Print out the cards before your next trip and use it for some entertainment. On each card are pictures of animals, restaurants, businesses and anything you may see when traveling. During your travels, pass out the cards and have participants in your vehicle mark off the items as he sees them. The first person with his entire card filled (or a portion of the card, it is entirely up to you for the rules) is the winner.

What is Baby Shower Bingo?

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby showers are happy occasions. Games are played, food is eaten and gifts are open.

One of the most popular games at a baby shower is Baby Bingo. Have you played it? There are several variations of the game and many people customize it to fit the theme for their specific baby shower.

One variation of a Bingo game at a baby shower is to pass out to all of the guests before gift opening a blank Bingo card with no BINGO on the top. The guests then fill in each blank with a gift they predict the mom-to-be will receive. Throughout the course of the gift opening, guests will mark off any gifts they may have guessed correctly on their cards. The first person with a line marked across, down or diagonally is the winner and should call out "Baby Bingo"!

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