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What is a Bingo Consultant?

Bingo Consultants

Are you interested in starting up a Bingo hall of your own but you just aren't sure what to do? How about hiring a Bingo consultant to help you out? Yes, that's right, a Bingo consultant.

What does a Bingo consultant do? A Bingo consultant is an expert in the field of Bingo who have many years of experience opening Bingo halls and assisting people in this venture. They can help you with budgeting, who to hire, where to open your hall, what you need inside as well as what types of games work best to what size of hall is better.

How Can I Find a Local Bingo Hall?

Finding a Bingo Hall Near You

Are you interested in playing a good, old-fashioned game of Bingo with the all the ambiance a Bingo hall has to offer? Are you hopeful to meet new friends and win some money at the same time? Does the thought of sitting a crowded space with other Bingo lovers make you happy? If so, it sounds like you are looking for the perfect place to play Bingo: the Bingo hall.

Not sure where to go to play? Have you checked your phone book? Many times Bingo halls are listed in the Yellow Pages of your phone book. If that doesn't work, the Knights of Columbus, the Elk's Lodge or other similar groups often offer weekly Bingo games. Try looking them up in your local phone book.

What is the Bingo Caller's Job?

Bingo Callers

Let's face it, one of the most popular reasons people love going to Bingo halls is the Bingo caller. But does anyone really know the Bingo caller? Who is the Bingo caller?

The Bingo caller calls out the numbers and the letters as they come. The caller's responsibility to the game is to make it fun and keep players entertained. Callers often get to know the regular players at the Bingo halls and they are smart to talk with the new players as well. Many callers, especially professional ones, see their job as that of an entertainer. After all, who wants to listen to a boring, flat-sounding person call out letters and numbers? To keep people entertained and having fun, the Bingo caller must make it fun!

Bingo callers are an essential part of the Bingo hall atmosphere and why so many people prefer Bingo halls over online Bingo.

What are UK Bingo Clubs?

UK Bingo Halls

In the UK, Bingo is called Housie and is typically played in a Bingo club rather than a Bingo hall.

The game is similar to the United States version; it has a caller and large groups of people playing. The caller at the UK Bingo club will typically start the game by announcing the prizes and then say, "Eyes down", to let the players know he is starting to draw.

UK Bingo cards have 90 numbers on them, which is more than the United States version. UK Bingo halls often sells books of tickets (Bingo cards) and typically people playing in the UK clubs play between one and six books during the night. Play is separated into sessions throughout the evening with different books for each session.

Are There Online Bingo Halls?

Online Bingo Halls

Bingo halls online? You bet! Online Bingo halls are sometimes considered to be better than in-person Bingo halls, only because you can play 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, if it is the middle of the night and you have a Bingo urge, you can hop online and play Bingo in a virtual Bingo hall.

How Can You Keep Safe at the Bingo Hall?

Staying Safe at the Bingo Hall

Going out to the local Bingo hall? Often times these halls may be found in a not so safe area of time. Keep this in mind if you are venturing out to play Bingo, after all, your personal safety is worth it!

-Park near a streetlight. It is important to be able to see your car, where you are walking and the Bingo hall from where you park. That is why it is good to park in a well-lighted area.

-Try to park near the Bingo hall and make sure you are near a sidewalk. This keeps you safe from having to walk in the street and keeps you in close proximity with the hall.

-When entering and leaving the Bingo hall, try to go in groups. There is safety in numbers.

-Even if you are walking in a group, have your car keys in your hand ready to open your door. Some safety experts even suggest threading a key through each knuckle in your hand so that the key tips stick out. This way if you are attacked, you have your keys in your knuckles in which to hit the attacker with.

Is Smoking Permitted in Bingo Halls?


Smoking bans are becoming ever more popular in this day and age. Is your local Bingo hall planning on banning smoking? If it does, will it affect business? The topic in relation to Bingo halls has become quite heated.

In Scotland, where a ban on smoking in Bingo halls has taken place, Bingo is hurting. Reports show that players tend to arrive late, play less and leave earlier now that the ban is in place. This isn't good for Scotland's Bingo revenue.

Scotland isn't the only place with smoking issues. In Colorado the Senate recently decided that Bingo halls would be exempt from the new smoking ban being enforced in other entertainment venues. The Bingo industry sees this as a victory and is hopeful that other battles being waged across the United States will have the same outcome.

Bingo often has a huge following of people who smoke. This is why so many Bingo hall operators are concerned about the potential for smoking being banned, why would smokers want to play a game for hours in a place they aren't allowed to light up? This type of ban in Bingo halls could have some potentially harmful affects on the Bingo industry.

How Does Charity Bingo at a Bingo Hall Work?

Charity Bingo

Churches raising money by holding Bingo games? Establishments gathering money for a charity in Alabama? Is this legal? Can charities or non-profits make money through Bingo games?

Yep, it's legal because it's Bingo. Many Bingo halls have specific charities that money they earn is donated to, at least a portion of it. The people who are playing the game donate their money when they buy Bingo cards to play. These charity games offer nice prices, even some cash ones. You may also be able to buy food and alcohol!

Bingo halls often need volunteers to help with these charity nights. Those of you, who love the Bingo atmosphere and want to help out, call your local Bingo hall and see about volunteering one night for charity. You could help pass out cards, walk around and monitor or help clean up.

Is There Bingo at Casino's?

Casino Bingo

Did you know that casinos small to big offer the game of Bingo? Yes, Bingo isn't just for Bingo halls anymore.

Have you been to Las Vegas lately? Did you know that the casinos in Sin City offer the game of Bingo? You bet they do!

What if you can't get to Vegas or Atlantic City for some fabulous Bingo? Your local casino, if one is available near you, most likely offers Bingo. While you won't get the extravagance of Las Vegas, you will get a Las Vegas-like experience, even in a casino far away from the hustle and bustle of the Strip.

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