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Do Celebrities Play Bingo?

Celebrity Bingo

Who knew? Bingo is so popular that even celebrities are playing! Yes, the rich and the famous are learning what fun this game can be!

Celebrity Catherine Zeta Jones loves Bingo so much that she arranges a Bingo game at all of her family Christmas parties. Celebrities are also gathering together for a more upscale game of Bingo, especially in the United Kingdom. Several well-known stars have participated in Bingo bashes held in ritzy environments, unlike the local Bingo hall.

Who Wins at Bingo?

Who Wins at Bingo?

Bingo winners could be anyone. All you have to do is play, just like the following people did and won big:

A bank manager watched with delight while a man won $900 just a few chairs away from her one evening. Imagine her surprise when, a few minutes later, she walked away with $100,000.

Or, consider the hairstylist who had to have a drink to help her relax when she learned she had won over $200,000 one night in Bingo?

Better yet, can you imagine yourself as the school teacher who played Bingo online and pocketed herself over $160,000?

So, you see, anyone can win at Bingo. Could you be next?

What is Jackpot Ball Restriction?

Jackpot Ball Restriction

Many times Bingo games have a restriction on the number of balls called and winning at Bingo. If a game is played that only allows for 35 balls to be called and a winner must call Bingo before or at the 35-ball limit or no one wins, the likely hood of anyone winning that game is slim. This is commonly referred to as jackpot ball restriction.

Obviously, these games have a smaller chance of being won. Therefore, if winning is important to you, you may want to avoid games that have jackpot ball restrictions.

What is Share the Wealth?

Share the Wealth

Okay, so it isn't really a great winning strategy, but it may help you get more money in the long run.

Remember, when you win a few bucks, toss some of those to your neighbors and share your wealth. After all, if they win at a later game, they may share it with you. What if they won the big jackpot and you had previously shared some of your winnings? Think about what you might get from them and that large jackpot just for sharing what you had!

Share the wealth; it really may pay off in the end!

Do I Have to Claim my Bingo Winnings on my Taxes?

Bingo Winners and Taxes

So you have won a lot of money playing Bingo? Congratulations! However, don't forget that if you won over a certain amount, Uncle Sam is going to want some of that cash!

If your single prize exceeded $1,200 in cash, you must claim it on your tax return. Make sure when you collect your cash from the Bingo hall or online source, that the payer of the money collects all of your pertinent information, including your name and social security number. You should receive a form from the payer of the money come tax time.

When it is time to fill out your taxes, your will need to fill in line 21 on form 1040 that will be added onto your total income for the year. This line shows any additional money you made, such as winning at Bingo.

You really didn't think that Uncle Sam would let you keep all of that money tax free, now did you?

Can You Really Will Yourself to Win Bingo?

Mind Over Matter?

Given up on ever winning Bingo? Nothing going your way during the games? Are you tired of seeing all the big winners around you? Are you desperate to win at Bingo?

Have you thought about thinking more positively? Have you gone to a quiet spot and thought good thoughts about Bingo? Have you said to yourself, "I can win at Bingo! I will win at Bingo tonight during game two!" If not, why not try to think positive thoughts about the game and will yourself a win? While not scientifically proven, thousands of people believe that if you just think positive about specific aspects of the game, you will win!

If the positive thinking doesn't work, you can always purchase a Bingo hypnosis CD and give that a whirl! Yes, there are hypnosis CD's out there that say they will help you to win at Bingo. You can even purchase a subliminal message CD to play while you sleep or in the car, wherever.

Do these things sound promising? If you think they may be for you, try doing an Internet search for "Bingo Hypnosis" and see what you find!

Does the Night You Go Matter?

Does the Night Matter?

So, you are eager to get out there and start winning at Bingo? You can't wait to get into that crowded Bingo hall and bring home the big bucks? Maybe choosing just the right night to try your luck is a good idea if you want to bring home that cash!

Ideally, the fewer the players the better chances of winning. Therefore, if you are headed out to the Bingo hall, you may want to make sure it is on a night that not a lot of people are venturing out. Typically, Monday through Thursday is slower than the weekends. Try your hand at the game on a weeknight and see what happens! The fewer players and more cards you play, the better!

How Can I Win at Online Bingo?

Winning at Online Bingo

Do you play Bingo online? Are you feeling a bit let down, like you are never going to win? If so, read on, this may help!

-Join the chat room at your online Bingo site. Chat with the other players and find out how many cards he is playing. If the other players are playing an average of 10 cards, why not pick a few more cards and increase your chances?

-If the player count is low in the games you choose, play more cards. Again, it comes down to how many cards you play compared to the other players.

-If you are playing a high jackpot game, don't purchase as many cards. You want to have your money last as long as possible and high jackpot games attract a lot of players, therefore your chances of winning are slimmer compared to lower player games. Save your money, but give the big jackpot games a try.

-Play during the very early morning or very late night. There will be fewer players, which means you may be more apt to win.

Can More Cards Help You Win at Bingo?

More Cards, Better Odds?

Want to win at Bingo? Is there really a way to do this? After all, Bingo is supposed to have the same odds for everyone, so how can you improve your odds of winning?

One great idea to improve your odds: Play more cards than everyone else playing, or just play several cards at a time. Each Bingo card you play gives you a chance at winning the big bucks. So, why not give yourself more chances at winning? Purchase more cards! Who do you think has the better chance of winning a prize, the person who plays four cards or the person who plays 40 cards? Odds are, the person with more cards has more of a chance at winning!

Are There Bingo Winning Secrets in a Book?

Buy the Book

Okay, so maybe the game of Bingo isn't being kind and you have tried several different strategies, and still nothing! Have you thought about buying a book that teaches you how to win at Bingo?

Why not give this book a try: How to Win Bingo, shares the secrets to winning at Bingo with you all for a low price! It tells you how to select winning Bingo cards, how to improve your strategy and how to stack the cards in your favor. If you are willing to spend the money to help your game, this book might be for you!

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