Baby Shower Bingo

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What is Baby Shower Bingo?

Baby Shower Bingo

Baby showers are happy occasions. Games are played, food is eaten and gifts are open.

One of the most popular games at a baby shower is Baby Bingo. Have you played it? There are several variations of the game and many people customize it to fit the theme for their specific baby shower.

One variation of a Bingo game at a baby shower is to pass out to all of the guests before gift opening a blank Bingo card with no BINGO on the top. The guests then fill in each blank with a gift they predict the mom-to-be will receive. Throughout the course of the gift opening, guests will mark off any gifts they may have guessed correctly on their cards. The first person with a line marked across, down or diagonally is the winner and should call out "Baby Bingo"!



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