90-ball Virtual Bingo

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What is 90-Ball Virtual Bingo?

90-ball Virtual Bingo

90-ball virtual Bingo is a variation of 75-ball virtual Bingo. 90-ball Bingo is played throughout the UK, parts of Europe, South America and Australia. This game is played using 90 balls on a 9 x 3 card and is now popular in the virtual, online world.

90-ball virtual Bingo is usually played in three stages: one line, two lines, and Full House. For a one-line game you need to mark off one designated line on the card, the same with two lines except you would mark two lines off, and a Full House is all the numbers marked off the card to win. The Full House jackpot would be larger than the others.

This game is becoming increasingly popular online, especially for players who aren't familiar with it and those who want a bit more of a challenge than the typical 75-ball game.



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