Special Bingo Cushions

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What are Special Bingo Cushions?

Special Bingo Cushions

Yes, you read it correctly. You can purchase customized Bingo cushions for your Bingo chair. Of course if you are sitting on a hard, metal folding chair for two hours or more your behind may ache. Imagine if you are a die-hard Bingo player who plays several times a week, how would your rear feel? It would probably be screaming for some much-needed padding.

Bingo cushions are becoming all the rage. What's more is that people are customizing or specializing their individual cushions to their liking. Many people are choosing to have cushions made with dollar signs all over it as good luck, or bingo cards or cartoon characters playing Bingo on the cushion.

Not only are people's rear ends getting a much needed padding, they are doing it in style!



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