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Is Smoking Permitted in Bingo Halls?


Smoking bans are becoming ever more popular in this day and age. Is your local Bingo hall planning on banning smoking? If it does, will it affect business? The topic in relation to Bingo halls has become quite heated.

In Scotland, where a ban on smoking in Bingo halls has taken place, Bingo is hurting. Reports show that players tend to arrive late, play less and leave earlier now that the ban is in place. This isn't good for Scotland's Bingo revenue.

Scotland isn't the only place with smoking issues. In Colorado the Senate recently decided that Bingo halls would be exempt from the new smoking ban being enforced in other entertainment venues. The Bingo industry sees this as a victory and is hopeful that other battles being waged across the United States will have the same outcome.

Bingo often has a huge following of people who smoke. This is why so many Bingo hall operators are concerned about the potential for smoking being banned, why would smokers want to play a game for hours in a place they aren't allowed to light up? This type of ban in Bingo halls could have some potentially harmful affects on the Bingo industry.



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