Staying Safe at the Bingo Hall

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How Can You Keep Safe at the Bingo Hall?

Staying Safe at the Bingo Hall

Going out to the local Bingo hall? Often times these halls may be found in a not so safe area of time. Keep this in mind if you are venturing out to play Bingo, after all, your personal safety is worth it!

-Park near a streetlight. It is important to be able to see your car, where you are walking and the Bingo hall from where you park. That is why it is good to park in a well-lighted area.

-Try to park near the Bingo hall and make sure you are near a sidewalk. This keeps you safe from having to walk in the street and keeps you in close proximity with the hall.

-When entering and leaving the Bingo hall, try to go in groups. There is safety in numbers.

-Even if you are walking in a group, have your car keys in your hand ready to open your door. Some safety experts even suggest threading a key through each knuckle in your hand so that the key tips stick out. This way if you are attacked, you have your keys in your knuckles in which to hit the attacker with.



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