Charity Bingo

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How Does Charity Bingo at a Bingo Hall Work?

Charity Bingo

Churches raising money by holding Bingo games? Establishments gathering money for a charity in Alabama? Is this legal? Can charities or non-profits make money through Bingo games?

Yep, it's legal because it's Bingo. Many Bingo halls have specific charities that money they earn is donated to, at least a portion of it. The people who are playing the game donate their money when they buy Bingo cards to play. These charity games offer nice prices, even some cash ones. You may also be able to buy food and alcohol!

Bingo halls often need volunteers to help with these charity nights. Those of you, who love the Bingo atmosphere and want to help out, call your local Bingo hall and see about volunteering one night for charity. You could help pass out cards, walk around and monitor or help clean up.



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