Is Free Bingo Really Free?

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Is Free Bingo Really Free?

Is Free Bingo Really Free?

Is the term "Free Bingo" really just a ploy to get people to come to a site and play? After all, how can gambling be free?In a sense, many of these free sites are free, if you follow their registration instructions. For instance, some sites all you to play for free for 24 hours after you register with them. Other sites allow you 15 free Bingo cards after you register and still others offer you a certain amount of free Bingo cash. After an allotted amount of time, or when your free cards are expired, you must begin paying for any Bingo playing, if you are playing to win cash.

There are many Bingo sites out there that don't give out prizes of any sort, if you wish to play entirely for free with no catch, try a site that doesn't offer prizes.



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