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What is Four Corners Bingo?

Four Corners Bingo Rules

Four corners Bingo is pretty much what it sounds like. Many online Bingo games and Bingo halls offer this version of Bingo. Basically, the winner of Four Corners in Bingo will have the top and the bottom corners under the letter "B" filled and will have the top and the bottom corners of the letter "O" filled. No other spots on the card will be filled.

As with other Bingo games, the first person to cover these four spaces and yell out "Bingo" is the winner of the game. This game may seem easier to play and win, but remember how slim the chances are of only having a specific four numbers drawn under each letter can be.

What are the Rules for Blackout Bingo?

Blackout Bingo Rules

Who wins at Blackout Bingo? The person has covered his/her entire card with Bingo markers or dauber marks. That's who!

The point of Blackout Bingo is to have your entire card - all of the numbers completely marked - to win. You must be the first person to have their entire card blacked out to win. Seem impossible? It may take longer than a typical Bingo game, but often times the pot is bigger in a Blackout game, making it worthwhile!

What are Some Online Bingo Rules?

Bingo Bonus Rules

When playing Bingo online, the Bingo cards are randomly given to each player, normally three to four cards at a time. Online Bingo games have a game board in which the numbers are displayed after they are called or picked. Several online games also offer automatic marking of your numbers on your cards as they are called out or picked.Many Bingo halls will also offer a Bingo bonus, which
is basically free money that can only be used towards the play of another Bingo game.

Is there a rule about the pricing of Bingo cards, especially when playing at Bingo halls?

Prices of Bingo Cards

The majority of Bingo games open to the public will have specific rules about the pricing of Bingo cards. Most of these places will have a rule similar to the following:

All Bingo cards for one specific game must be priced at the same price for every player in that game. All cards must also have the same chance at being a winning card as all the rest of the Bingo cards sold to everyone else.

Why is Yelling Bingo Important?

Yelling "BINGO"

We all know what to do if we have "bingo" on our card - yell "BINGO!"

What's important is how loud you yell. You need to shout "Bingo" loud enough for the caller to hear you so that he/she stops the game to determine if you are indeed the winner. Otherwise, the game continues and you could lose your winnings. In some games, the caller will turn on flashing lights to verify that a "BINGO" has been heard. If the lights aren't flashing, continue to yell "Bingo" until the lights begin to flash.

What is Bingo?

Definition of Bingo

According to Bingo is defined as a game of chance in which each player has one or more cards printed with differently numbered squares on which to place markers when the respective numbers are drawn and announced by a caller. The first player to mark a complete row of numbers is the winner.

What is the Rule With the Free Square?

Free Square on Your Bingo Card

Just what is that square in the middle of your Bingo card with nothing on it? It's a free square!

What does that free square do for you when playing the game of Bingo? That free square is one that you automatically mark or cover before each game starts. This is not a square in which the caller will yell out to you, it is yours and it is a freebie!

Will it help you win in Bingo? If the most called numbers happen to be on the same line where your free space is, you will have one less space to mark, giving you a better chance at winning! As with every Bingo game, it all comes down to the luck of the draw.

What are the Rules of X-Pattern Bingo?

X-Pattern Bingo Game Rules

There's no letter X in Bingo, right? That is correct, unless you are actually playing a specific version of Bingo called X-Pattern Bingo. Then, there is an X on the card that signifies a Bingo!

X-Pattern Bingo's goal for the person playing is to form an X on his or her Bingo card. The caller calls out numbers and if any of the numbers fall diagonally from the top corner of the letter "B" to the bottom corner of the letter "O," or from the top corner of the letter "O" to the bottom corner of the letter "B," including your free space, then you have Bingo.

Essentially, the goal of X-Pattern Bingo is to form an "X" on your card. The first person who does this and calls out Bingo, is the winner!

Are There Age Requirements in Playing Bingo?

Age Requirements for Bingo?

Is there an age requirement for playing the game of Bingo? It all depends. If you are gambling or playing Bingo for money, then there is an age requirement. Check with the casino or facility in which you are playing. Most age requirements are between 18 and 21.

If you are playing Online Bingo for fun, with no money bet and depending on the site you are playing, you most likely do not have to be a minimum age. However, if you are playing on a site that requires money you most likely will need to be over the age of 18 to join that type of group. It is always important to read the rules and regulations of any type of Bingo before playing.

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