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What are Bingo Chips?

Bingo Chips

What do you use if you don't want to mark your numbers off with a dauber and you don't have the shutter Bingo cards to cover your numbers?

Well, you use Bingo chips, of course! Bingo chips are used to cover numbers on a Bingo card as they are called out. The chips are translucent, which allows the player to see the number through the chip. The chips come in various sizes depending on which type of card you are using.

These chips are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of colors for the Bingo lover in you!

What is a Bingo Cage Used For?

Bingo Cage

Bingo cages hold the numbers and associated letters used in the game of Bingo. The cage has a handle that the caller twirls around before a number is picked. A ball will fall or move to a spot on the cage that is designed to catch one of the balls as it is twirled. This is the number that the caller then calls out.

Bingo cages are commonly used in smaller Bingo gatherings, such as those in churches, schools or in your home. Bingo cages may be available in brass, chute and automatic sets.

What is Bingo Paper?

Bingo Paper

Bingo paper can come in all shapes and sizes. The most common are case paper, collation, push out or die cut, specialty paper or custom cut paper. Each type of paper is printed with a certain number of cards on it. Some may have one card while others may have nine.

All of these papers come pre-stamped with Bingo numbers and letters and are usually not reusable after one game of Bingo.

What are Bingo Tickets?

Bingo Tickets

Many times in Bingo halls or even in simple Bingo games, players of the game are given two-part tickets when they come in the door. Just what are these tickets?

These tickets are your typical raffle-type tickets. The player is given one to hold and the other ticket with the matching number is placed in a container for a drawing. The drawings occur throughout the evening during the Bingo games. If your ticket number is drawn you may win a prize.

Bingo tickets are another incentive that draws people to the game. Knowing that you can win something without winning at Bingo makes the Bingo game even more fun!

What is a Dauber?

What is a Dauber?

When you daub something, you splat or cover it with a wet substance. In Bingo, a dauber is a necessary accessory for playing the game if you are playing using a flimsie. A dauber is an ink marker in a small plastic bottle that the player uses to mark off numbers on his or her Bingo card as they are called. It can be found in a variety of colors, so you don't need to settle on basic old black. You can spice up your Bingo game and use multiple colors!

If you want to plan a Bingo game, a dauber is an essential accessory.

What are Gifts for Bingo Players?

Bingo Gifts

Can you really give Bingo as a gift? You sure can! Do you have a Bingo lover in your house or in your family? If so, here are some gift ideas for the one in you love:

Bingo Video: Yes, there is a video about Bingo. Dorf Da Bingo King will give the Bingo lover you know some insights and tips on Bingo, all the while making them smile!

Bingo Seat Cushion: What could be a better gift than a nice soft cushy for your loved one's tushy? Yes, they have cushions for the avid Bingo player to sit on during those long nights of Bingo playing.

These are just two suggestions for the Bingo player in your house. There are many more where that came from.

Why Bingo Balls?

Bingo Balls

Obviously, a game of Bingo wouldn't be complete without the balls. Every game of Bingo must have balls that are pre-marked with Bingo numbers one through 75 and marked with one of the letters from B-I-N-G-O.

The balls are placed in a Bingo Cage and are called out by the caller. The people playing the game use their daubers to mark off any of the numbers called from the Bingo ball that may be on their Bingo card.

Bingo balls come in different varieties, such as ping-pong, wood and plastic. You can't play Bingo if you don't have the balls!

What are Shutter Cards?

Bingo Shutter Cards

A shutter card in Bingo may also be referred to as a slide card, which is another card option for the game of Bingo.

Bingo shutter cards are cards that Bingo players do not have to use a dauber with. Instead, the numbers, as they are called out and if found on your card, are marked or covered using a piece of paper called a shutter or a fingertip slide. When your number is called, you simply slide the covering over your letter.

Shutter cards may come in standard, heavyweight, quick clear stitched, or easy-to-read varieties for Bingo halls or groups to utilize.

What is a Flashboard?

Bingo Flashboards

Bingo, especially when played in a professional environment, wouldn't be complete without a flashboard. A flashboard is used in Bingo to make the numbers and letters easier to see and play.

The flashboard is an electronic device that shows the called numbers and letters on a board that lights up. People playing the game of Bingo can easily see what number has been called after it is called. There are even flashboards that come equipped with a ball catcher, so the caller doesn't have to do anything more than take the ball out of the catcher, call out the number and proceed. The flashboard will light up with the number and the caller moves on.

Flashboards range in price from basic models to expensive boards priced around $8,000.

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