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What are Custome Bingo Cards?

Custom Bingo Cards

Hosting a party for a special occasion? Baby shower, wedding shower, birthday party? Are you really wanting to play Bingo but you have no idea how in the world to customize to your needs?

Don't fret; there are sites out there to help you! Yes, you can order custom made Bingo cards that relate to the theme of your party. At many sites you are even able to send in or download a picture of the birthday girl, wedding couple, baby's sonogram, whatever you want. You can add your own artwork or choose artwork from the website you are working with. The point is you can customize Bingo cards to suit your needs! You can choose your own colors, pictures, words, whatever you want.

How Do You Make Your Own Card?

Make Your Own Bingo Card

So, you are interested in making your own Bingo cards, but you aren't sure exactly what you want. Are you planning a traditional game of Bingo? If so, then you will want BINGO at the top and numbers from one to 75 on each card, along with a free space in the middle. Remember, under the letter "B" you must only have numbers from one to 15, under "I," numbers 16 to 30, and so on.

If you are looking to make a Bingo card like those played in the United Kingdom, then you will need 90 numbers rather than 75. You can also make your own Bingo cards with patterns shaded on them. For instance, if you want to play a game of Bingo in which the winner must have the letter "E" formed on his card, you can make a card that is shaded to show the person playing exactly which numbers he will need to fill.

What are Large Print Bingo Cards?

Large Print Bingo Cards

Okay, let's face it, we aren't getting any younger. What is one thing that we start to lose as we age? No, not our hair, but our eyesight!

What is a person to do when it becomes difficult to see those little, itty-bitty numbers on the Bingo card? How about getting Bingo cards with large print numbers? It just makes sense to offer those with limited vision large print Bingo cards. After all, they make large print books, magazines and crossword puzzles, why not Bingo cards?

These large print Bingo cards typically come with numbers that are 5/8 of an inch high in a pack of ten. Plus, the cards are made with black on white for an easier read.

What are Bingo Cards for Kids?

Bingo Cards for Kids

There are so many neat sites out in the Internet world that offer great Bingo cards for kids. Parents may choose to print out pre-marked Bingo cards from various web sites. Other sites offer creative educational activities to play alongside your Bingo game. For example, one Bingo card has things found in the outdoors. Parents would then take their children for a walk and the first one to find a row of the specifics on them is the winner! What a great way to get your kids outside, being active and having fun with Mom and Dad!

There are thousands of sites on the Internet that offer great ideas for Bingo with children, try doing a search and see what you find! Your kids may thank you for it!

Is There a Difference Between Cyber Bingo Cards and Traditional Bingo?

Cyber Bingo Cards

Is there a difference between the Bingo cards you purchase at a Bingo hall and one that you purchase at an online Bingo site, such as cyber Bingo?

Technically, the only real difference between the cards is that one card you purchase from a real, live person, while the other card, in cyber Bingo, you purchase from a website. The typical cyber Bingo card is a five-by-five card just like that in traditional Bingo. The patterns and pricing of cyber Bingo cards depends on the game that is being played at the Internet Bingo site you choose to participate in.

What is the Face in Bingo?

The Bingo Face

What is the face when referring to Bingo? A face is a specific set of numbers from one to 24, symbols or blanks that are printed on paper, cardboard or other types of materials and are made especially to play the game of Bingo on.

So, what is a face in Bingo? It is actually the numbers or patterns on the Bingo card itself!

What are Braille Bingo Cards?

Braille Bingo Cards

Bingo cards can be made with Braille numbers specifically for the blind. The cards may need to be special ordered, but if someone who is blind is interested in playing the game of Bingo at a local Bingo hall, have them look into ordering cards with Braille on them. After all, everyone who loves to play Bingo should be allowed to.

What is a Bingo Shutter Card?

Bingo Shutter Cards

Looking for a fun way to play Bingo without having to use the messy daubers? Why not try playing with a shutter card? A shutter card is a typical Bingo card, but instead of duabbing, you pull a piece of paper over the number when it is called. This paper is attached to the card and essentially acts like closing a shutter over a window. Hence the name, shutter card!

Typically Bingo shutter cards are found in three by three, four by four or five by five size.

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