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What are Tags and Blogging?

Bingo Blogs and Tags

One interesting new trend in the game of Bingo, especially in the online game of Bingo, people blogging about Bingo and linking the blog with tags. Just what is a tag, you ask?

Blogging is a new, hot form of writing that takes place on the Internet. Millions of people blog everyday online in hopes that other people will read these blogs. One part of blogging is something called a "tag". A tag is essentially a word that is highlighted with a link to another blog, website, or other essential information on the Web. This highlighted word is a "tag". These tags are relevant information related to the blog the person is writing.

Why are Nicknames Used in Bingo?

Bingo Nicknames

Imagine this, you are a first time Bingo player at a local Bingo hall when suddenly everyone starts yelling to the caller some very weird phrases. Just what are they doing? They are using Bingo nicknames, which were developed as a fun way to communicate with other players, to repeat to the caller which number was called, or to confirm the number in general, without using the actual words the caller used.

What are some Bingo nicknames you may encounter if you visit a local Bingo hall:

One Little Duck: The shape looks a bit like a swan in this pattern.

One Little Flea: The shape looks a bit like a flea.

One Fat Lady: The shape looks like the two halves of a big-boned woman.

These are just a few of the nicknames used in Bingo when players communicate. Do you know of any?

What is a Crazy Bingo Pattern Card?

Crazy Bingo Pattern Card

With Bingo becoming increasingly popular, so is the knowledge of the most popular types of Bingo pattern cards. One of the most popular Bingo pattern cards is a one referred to as a Crazy Bingo pattern card.

What is a Crazy Bingo pattern card? This type of pattern, when completed on your Bingo card that is pre-marked with this pattern allows for the card to be rotated every 90 degrees for a winning Bingo match to the pattern.

What are Special Bingo Cushions?

Special Bingo Cushions

Yes, you read it correctly. You can purchase customized Bingo cushions for your Bingo chair. Of course if you are sitting on a hard, metal folding chair for two hours or more your behind may ache. Imagine if you are a die-hard Bingo player who plays several times a week, how would your rear feel? It would probably be screaming for some much-needed padding.

Bingo cushions are becoming all the rage. What's more is that people are customizing or specializing their individual cushions to their liking. Many people are choosing to have cushions made with dollar signs all over it as good luck, or bingo cards or cartoon characters playing Bingo on the cushion.

Not only are people's rear ends getting a much needed padding, they are doing it in style!

What is a Wild Pattern Bingo Card?

Wild Bingo Pattern Cards

Similar to the Crazy Bingo pattern cards, Wild Bingo pattern cards are another popular trend in Bingo. These cards are pre-marked with a specific pattern on each card. The difference in these cards is that the pattern is scattered throughout the card rather than in one specific area. The pattern of Wild Bingo on the card stays in the same spot throughout; but can be located anywhere on the card.

What is Some Bingo Trivia?

Bingo Trivia

The next time you head out to your local Bingo hall or club, try to impress those around you with your knowledge of Bingo. Or, perhaps turn it into a game and see if everyone else knows as much as you do about the game.

Some great Bingo trivia follows:

What was the largest Bingo game ever? The largest Bingo game had 60,000 players and 10,000 more denied access to the game.

How many Bingo players are under the age of 35? 30 percent of Bingo players are under the age of 35.

What percent of Bingo players have won money? 95 percent of Bingo players have won some amount of money.

How many unique Bingo card variations are there? There are 1,474,200 unique Bingo card variations.

How much money do people in the United States spend on Bingo cards each week? 90 million is spent each week in the United States.

The next time you are playing a game of Bingo, try throwing in some of these impressive facts!

What are Some Fun Bingo Fashions?

Bingo Fashion

So, you want to express your love of Bingo into your fashion? If so, there are several Bingo fashion's out there for you to choose from!

How about making your own Bingo shirt expressing your love of the game? Something as simple as "I Love Bingo" on the front of a tee-shirt to something as extravagant as "I Won Big Bucks With Lots of Luck" for the front of your shirt. The great thing is, you can customize your shirt to anything you wish.

Are your ears pierced? If so, why not purchase some fun Bingo earrings? It isn't unusual to walk into a Bingo hall and see the die-hard Bingo players sporting Bingo accessories on their bodies. Accessories such as Bingo ball earrings with their lucky numbers on them.

What is so fun about Bingo and the people who play the game is that no one is afraid to express herself in the form of fashion!

What is a Standard Bingo Pattern Card?

Standard Bingo Patterns

Standard Bingo pattern cards are a bit different from the Wild and Crazy kinds of pattern cards. In a Standard Bingo pattern card, the pattern can't be moved or shifted on the card and the game is only won when every pre-marked square is marked off or highlighted on that specific card.

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