Bingo Nicknames

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Why are Nicknames Used in Bingo?

Bingo Nicknames

Imagine this, you are a first time Bingo player at a local Bingo hall when suddenly everyone starts yelling to the caller some very weird phrases. Just what are they doing? They are using Bingo nicknames, which were developed as a fun way to communicate with other players, to repeat to the caller which number was called, or to confirm the number in general, without using the actual words the caller used.

What are some Bingo nicknames you may encounter if you visit a local Bingo hall:

One Little Duck: The shape looks a bit like a swan in this pattern.

One Little Flea: The shape looks a bit like a flea.

One Fat Lady: The shape looks like the two halves of a big-boned woman.

These are just a few of the nicknames used in Bingo when players communicate. Do you know of any?



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