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What is a Progressive Game of Bingo?

Progressive Bingo

The Bingo term "progressive" is a Bingo game that is built up daily, weekly, or monthly: depending on where the game is played. The jackpot, or the amount of money won, is built up as long as no one wins during a certain number of calls. There are different types of progressive Bingo games, all which add different amounts to the jackpot.

What is a Blackout in Bingo?


A blackout in Bingo occurs when all 25 spaces on your Bingo card are covered, or "blacked out". This variation of the game Bingo is a bit more challenging, usually needing between 50 and 60 of the 75 Bingo numbers to be called that will result in the entire Bingo card being covered.

Don't forget; if you are playing blackout and you cover all of your spaces, what must you yell? BINGO, of course!

What is the Lucky Jar?

Lucky Jar

Are you a lucky person? Do you like to play Bingo? If so, you may be just the lucky person who cashes in and wins the contents inside the "Lucky Jar". The lucky jar is a jar with cash you can win if you call Bingo on the number that is considered lucky. What number is usually considered the lucky number in Bingo? The first number drawn for the beginning of a Bingo session is the lucky number! Money is added to the jar if the Bingo caller makes a mistake during the calling of the Bingo numbers. Lucky jar games are not played with every game of Bingo.

What is a Hard Card?

Hard Card

A hard card is a Bingo card that is printed on heavy material, such as cardboard, and has flaps or shutters that cover each number as it is called out by the Bingo caller. These types of cards with BINGO spelled out on the top and numbers under each letter typically have the following numbers under each letter:

B: Five numbers between one and 15 picked randomly.

I: Five numbers between 16 and 30.

N: Four numbers between 31 and 45 and the free space.

G: Five numbers between 46 and 60.

O: Five numbers between 61 and 75.

Cards are often produced using a series; some series have 6000 unduplicated cards while some series have 9000 unduplicated cards.

Who Yells BINGO During a Bingo Game?

Why Yell "BINGO!"

It's not because we want to hear the popular children's song during the game. The first person to have all the numbers or letters or patterns and who yells BINGO, is considered the winner. What you will hear in the bingo hall after someone has yelled out BINGO, are groans and grunts from those who weren't lucky enough to have the winning cards.

What does Admission Mean in Bingo?

Admission Definition

The Bingo term "admission" is a bit different from what you would think. In Bingo, the term "admission" commonly means the minimum number of Bingo cards a person must buy in order to participate in the games. Typically, a person will purchase an admission packet that contains three to six cards for each game played. This number will vary from Bingo hall to Bingo hall and online.

What is a Game Board?

Game Board

This isn't your typical game board, such as the one found in a Monopoly game. A Bingo game board is usually electronic and looks like an actual Bingo card. The game board is usually attached to the Bingo board. The game board shows what type of Bingo game you are playing during that specific session.

What are Multiple Winners?

Multiple Winners

Just like the lottery, Bingo can have multiple winners. Unfortunately, just like the lottery, winners must split their winnings between them.

When there are multiple winnings in Bingo, it means that more than one person has called Bingo at the same time. When this occurs, the people who called Bingo must split the jackpot. An example would be when three people call Bingo at the same time, they must split the 300 dollar cash prize, resulting in 100 dollars each.

Not every Bingo will end in multiple winners, but the possibility is always there!

What is a Flimsy?

Bingo Flimsies

Flimsies are the opposite of hard cards. These Bingo cards are printed on light, thin paper. There are usually three cards printed on one piece of flimsy paper. However, there are also one, two, four, six or even nine cards that may be printed on this lighter paper. A flimsy normally costs between $1-$2 and the win on a flimsy with a special game is usually more than a win with a regular Bingo game.

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