Math Bingo

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What is Math Bingo?

Math Bingo

An educational and fun Bingo game? Yes, you got it! Math Bingo is a fun way to teach math facts or just review those previously taught.

For example, have children fill out regular Bingo cards that have BINGO on top of the card. Children can fill out any numbers from one through ten under the letter "B." They will fill out any numbers 11 through 20 in column "I", 21 through 30 in column "N," 31 through 40 under "G" and 41 through 50 under column "O". These can obviously be adjusted depending on the age; you may not want to go up to 50 if the children are very young.

The caller will have problems that relate to all of the numbers one through 50, either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division, depending on the age level. The caller will pull out a problem, such as 50 minus 40, which would equal ten. If a child has the number ten on his Bingo card, he would mark it off.

Math Bingo can be played at home, at school or anywhere someone wants to have fun and learn!



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